A deep dive into Degordian's employee satisfaction and engagement

Having happy employees and a healthy work culture is one of the most important pillars of our company. We try to provide a comfortable work environment and challenging projects that stimulate professional growth and result in satisfied, engaged, and loyal employees.

Our efforts seem to pay off – we were recognized as a “best employer” six times in nation-wide company surveys. However, we aim for continuous improvement, with a little help from our employee satisfaction and engagement survey tool, Luppa.

And because our goal is to hire people who are a good fit for us, and who believe we are a good fit for them, we want to be completely transparent with you. So without further ado, we present you: our yearly survey results!


  • What you just saw are a few of the most important results. Yearly survey from our Luppa tool can generate much more detailed results and provide deep analysis presented in the form of numerous graphs.
  • Although Luppa allows advanced filtering, the data shown is on the overall company level.

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